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Steelshot 18-2-I
German Championship Steel Challenge

BDS Bund Deutscher Sportschützen 1975 e.V.
Birkenring 5
16356 Ahrensfelde
Tel.: 030/50184468
Email: info@bdsnet.de
LocationMittlerer Weg 11
76661 Philippsburg
Deadline10.09.2018 (final), 10.08.2018 (pre)
Match typeSteel Challenge
Stages6 (5 a 5 strings, 1 a 4 strings)
Roundsca. 145
Entry feeFirst division: EUR 40,-, each additional division: EUR 30,- , juniors start for free.

payment within 7 days after application
Competitors who do not pay in time and are not marked as paid (green) will be removed from the match.

Bund Deutscher Sportschützen
Account n°: 18003111
BLZ 12030000 (Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin)
IBAN DE77 1203 0000 0018 0031 11
Reference: "DM_SC 2018" / "Name"

State of payment processing: 17.01.2021
ContactTilmann Keith
MatchdirectorTilmann Keith
StatsdirectorBert Teunissen
CommentsThe "Steelshot _18-2" consists of two parts without obligation to compete in both. The other one is the Speed Steel competition "Steelshot_18-2 part II" (same time, same location).
Open to members of the BDS e.V. holding valid mebershipcard with anual fee-sticker as well as foreign guests; Holster experience is required.
Until the pre-deadline it is possible to register for max. three divisions. If still slots should be free, more divisions can be registered until the final deadline.
* Booked slots are not transferable to another person.

Please note the new rules. In the Open-divisions only weapons may be used, which are not allowed in the Standard-divisions.

The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule and/or put together squads. Every shooter is obliged to work as helper, if needed.

RO or helper please register on www.steelmatch.de/index.pl?match=2018_Steelshot_18-2_RO_Meldungen.
We are still looking for RO and other helping hands. Volunteers please register please here:
Ceremony: Sunday, one hour after the last shot.

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